Lose Weight

weight-feet-on-scales-transYou may have tried countless different diets before, without much success.  Maybe experiencing your weight fluctuating up and down with no permanent, satisfying results.  Flitting between all the diets on the market, and feeling more and more disheartened and miserable as time goes on.  Maybe finding every day a struggle, trying to avoid temptation at every turn and feeling hungry constantly.  Living this way really is not much fun and is totally unnecessary.  Losing weight and keeping the weight off can be enjoyable and much easier than you may think!

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective to make it easy to release weight permanently, by effortlessly enjoying a healthy lifestyle.  After assessing you, we put together a programme to meet your individual needs and goals.  A large portion of the work we cover here is weight control and clients are regularly referred by friends and family members alike who are astonished by the results they have achieved being on our weight loss programmes.

Weight loss is more about changing behaviours than dieting. When you create new behaviours and they become “normal” for you, you create a new lifestyle that can stay with you for life. Become the person that eats to live rather than living to eat.

What to expect

I have worked with people helping them to lose weight for over 20 years.  That level of experience means that I can usually hone in on the problem and then work directly with you, using the power of your subconscious mind to:

  • Eliminate your desire to overeat, or eat the wrong types of foods, therefore removing temptation
  • Increase your commitment and desire to take exercise that is appropriate for you
  • Develop powerful feelings of determination and self confidence within
  • Create a healthy comfortable relationship with food for permanent change

Because our programmes are designed to change your outlook on food, results are permanent, and you can effortlessy enjoy a renewed, confident and healthy you.