Sports Performance

Golfer_SF1615252_sizeXSHave you ever wondered, perhaps, why you can perform brilliantly practising on the driving range or warming up on the tennis court, but when you’re actually playing, something changes and you don’t perform how you know you can? What’s different? Your body hasn’t changed, you haven’t suddenly forgotten all you’ve learnt.

Of course it’s in your mind.  Perhaps you are putting too much pressure on yourself to perform.  Perhaps you suddenly have doubts about your ability or perhaps let the people you’re playing with get to you. Hypnotherapy for sports performance works to change this so your performance is always the same.  So you remain in the ‘zone’, whether it’s on the practice range or in a competition.


Golf Enhancement – Putting, Chipping and Driving

A golf ball lands near the hole on the green.Many golfers get frustrated and fed up, or are unable to maintain focus, when playing golf. They know they can do better but somehow, whatever they do just doesn’t improve their score. Some golfers even consider giving up because they feel so frustrated.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on golf equipment, your golf will suffer if you are frustrated, lacking confidence or just unable to focus properly for the full 18 holes. It is your mindset that is the culprit. Up to 90% of your golf performance is related to your mindset! So keep your mindset consistent and positive.

Racquet Sports – Tennis, Squash and Table Tennis, etc.

Young woman playing tennis, celebrating victory,  aerial view of courtUsing hypnotherapy to play better tennis, for example, gives you a distinct advantage over your opponent.  With hypnotherapy for tennis, you can learn to improve your game in so many ways, enabling you to play at the very best level consistently, powerfully, and with great skill and ‘mental control’. It is the same for all racquet sports.

With hypnotherapy you can learn techniques that make it feel as though the ball is that much larger, so there is no way you’re not going to return that ball. Hypnotherapy for racquet sports allows you to visualize your target ahead of time.

Athletic Performance – Track and Field, etc.

marathon-runners-163312551-150x150Athletes – both professional and amateurs – tend to concentrate on the physical aspects of their sport, without thinking much about the psychological ones. While preparing and conditioning the physical body is very important, the mental aspects are just as important, if not more important than the physical preparation.

Hypnotherapy has been used for hundreds of years in many sports. The Russian team took 11 hypnotherapists with them to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Hypnotherapy is now used more and more in high level sport, including F1 racing, tennis, soccer, golf, gymnastics, etc. Most of the ‘big name’ athletes use hypnotherapy to enhance focus, concentration, and performance.

Ball Sports – Football, Rugby and Basketball, etc.

Football_1996You work hard to perform your best during a game. You train hard physically and try to keep a positive mindset because you know the effect that doubt and fear can have on your confidence.  But keeping a winning attitude with ball sports isn’t always easy. Are you struggling to keep your focus on the positive before or during the game? Maybe you’re able to generally stay positive, but you’re plagued by a specific doubt. Is there a particular aspect of your performance that you would like to improve?

Your mind and body are completely connected. When you visualize carrying out an activity in your mind, your neural pathways are triggered as though you are actually doing it on the football pitch. By repeating this activity you are conditioning yourself for success. You become more in tune to the messages your body sends and better able to communicate with your team. This combination is an important factor in goal achievement.

Mind control in sport

Successful athletes are often able to control their state of mind, so they have a psychological advantage which prevents them from under-performing or giving into their nerves. Hypnotherapy seeks to engage an athletes mind in a positive way, to help them focus on their goals and achieve them. Being able to control negative thoughts and emotions is the basis of sports psychology and can often be achieved through hypnosis.

Sports people often refer to being in the ‘zone’. This means that they get totally absorbed in what they are doing and barely notice outside distractions when performing at their best. Hypnosis can often help individuals access the ‘zone’ so that they can use this to enhance their performance.

How can hypnotherapy help with sports performance?

Hypnotherapy can often help with golf, running, football, cricket, boxing, darts, swimming, and most other sports. Every athlete, whether currently successful or not, has internal resources. Accessing these inner resources and putting them to work, is often the advantage successful athletes have.

Hypnotherapy can improve and enhance an individual’s mental attitude by helping them to relax, removing anxieties and boosting confidence. Each individual is different, so results will vary from athlete to athlete.  However, in general, individuals can use hypnosis to maintain composure, overcome distractions and fears, and gain confidence in their ability.

The brain can’t distinguish between doing something or imagining doing something, so visualising winning a competition can help tune your mind for success. If the human mind is capable of imagining something, it’s capable of making it happen.

Hypnotherapy can help athletes:

  • improve their confidence and self belief
  • remove negative thoughts or beliefs
  • increase motivation and dedication
  • use deep relaxation and concentration to imagine success
  • maintain composure and overcome distractions.

Hypnotherapy is a useful tool for sports performance, helping to improve an individuals mental attitude and encouraging and assisting relaxation by removing those anxieties and worries. For those who are really feeling the pressure, so much so that is paralysing their performance through fear of failure, hypnotherapy will help to remove those negative thoughts and beliefs by accessing your subconscious to reprogramme the mind. Another helpful technique in this instance is visualisation of success, which will help individuals to concentrate on positive outcomes.