Stop Smoking

man with gun to head transMany smokers who wish to stop try such methods as nicotine patches, gum, acupuncture, will power alone, and so on. People often fail using these methods as when the patches, etc. are stopped, the cravings kick in, usually resulting in relapse.

But every smoker knows that to continue to smoke is like playing Russian roulette with your health.  So there must be something else going on at a subconscious level that motivates you to continue.

Some smokers worry they won’t be able to enjoy a social event with friends ever again and avoid certain situations or celebrations in the hope they wont be tempted to spark up, believing it to be impossible to ever enjoy a social drink with friends ever again.

"Forget all the things you thought about stopping smoking. With hypnotherapy, different rules apply! Make stopping smoking easier than you thought."

So why use Hypnotherapy?

  • The effect is immediate.
  • It is tailored to you as an individual, finding a unique path for you to stop smoking.
  • It gives your subconscious help to make the change permanent.
  • It removes unwanted side effects such as irritability, cravings and weight gain.

For over 20 years I have helped many people achieve their goal of quitting smoking for good, that’s why so many ex-smokers refer their friends and families to me.  Hypnotherapy will make you stop smoking in a quick, single, uncomplicated session.  You will feel healthier, more energetic and be more socially accepted.

Don’t let smoking control you, drain your energy and bank account or rob you of your looks and life.  Make a choice for your future, a choice to stop!

How will you feel?

Jumping on the BeachHow will you feel when you suddenly realise that you have got rid of smoking for good? When you notice that you don’t even think about smoking at all any more.

Think what your friends will think when they realise that you no longer smoke and that you did it easily.

Finally, how will you feel about yourself, that you’ve actually achieved something that you thought you could not do?